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A place for non-commercial members to buy, sell or trade electronics related items.
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PLEASE NOTE: Posts in this forum are automatically closed 30 days after the last post. The moderators may also close threads where it appears that the item is no longer available (or wanted).

Each advertising post is charged 1/2 micro. This helps us keep the site running

If your post doesn't appear within a day, you can assume that the moderator(s) who looked at it aren't sure. Posting an introductory thread in the relevant section of these forums is probably a good way to introduce yourself.

OK, so -- in general:

1) Do your best to help us -- this means disclosing any relevant information (e.g. my company is throwing this out)
2) Remember that your post will be initially invisible to others and the more you can do for us, the faster we can approve it.
3) DO NOT simply post links to some other site where you're advertising something, describe it here.
4) Please consider posting images rather than links to images.
5) DO NOT post items where people have to go elsewhere (e.g. eBay) to purchase, or must use email or phone (or a method outside the forum) to enquire.
6) Any promotion must begin with SALE or WANTED.
7) If you are selling, your offer must include a price in micros.
8) Your thread will be automatically closed 30 days after the last post, or earlier (at the whim of the moderators).
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